Are you a young match racer?

Do you want to have the chance to become the 2021 European Youth Match Race Champion?

Do you want to sail in the beautiful Ledro Lake?

But most important… do you wanna have fun?


If your answers are yes this is the regatta you must partecipate in!!

👉🏻 Notice of Race



It has been two years since we organized the 10th edition of the OM INTERNATIONAL LEDRO MATCH RACE.

One of the regattas we have most in our hearts, seeing many crews returning to our beautiful Valle di Ledro is always exciting.

We can’t wait to have fun together, to see our friends challenge each other on ourLlake.

This year we are waiting for you from 17 to 20 June, who will be the winner?

We are waiting for you

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We are ready to start the new year, with the hope of not have to cancel any event, the AVLL Staff is ready to start again.

Here you can find the 2021 regattas calendar !!

We are waiting for you!

See you soon


We are ready to start again … our Club will officially open its doors on July 1st.
Obviously we had to adapt to national decrees and protocols.

We ask you to read the documents available at the following link:

Given the impossibility of organizing the Social Assembly, and not yet knowing when it will be possible, we have prepared the 2019 Statement which will be available at the Club from 1 July.

We can not wait to see you,
See you soon
Camilla and the Board of Directors


Sailing School is ready to start.

This summer will be different, maximum attention to safety and health protocols.

The Sailing Club is one of the safest and most organized places: sanitization, spacing,  dedicated areas to FIV Sailing Schools.

In a sailing school the only risk is … HAVING TOO MUCH FUN!

You can find all the useful information here

2020 Regatte cancellation

Due to the health emergency, in accordance with the Italian Sailing Federation, all the regattas of 2020 have been postponed to 2021.
It was difficult to take this decision but we are sure that next year will be better.
So the 2021 program will be full of events and it will be thrilling.

We can’t wait to see our Lake and our Ledro Valley populated by the boat.

Soon we will communicate the positive news of 2020, despite the restrictions, we will be back stronger to our Club


Dear All,


after a long winter stop we are back on track.

Here you can find the NoRs of our Match Races.

Save the Dates:


AVLL Family is ready to welcome you in Ledro.


The Optimist European Team Racing Championship is started.

After yesterday’s opening ceremony in the streets of Pieve di Ledro which was attended by the Vice President of the Optimist Class, Carmen Casco who declared the official opening of the Championship, today at the start of the first races.

Sixteen teams from 16 different nations for a total of sixty-four athletes.

Despite the weather that did not seem to announce anything good, the clouds opened on the Valle di Ledro and the wind started to blow.

Thirty-eight matches disputed, for a total of 9 flights and a half, the Italian team, current champion, composed of the reigning European Champion, Allessandro Cortese (CV Crotone), the female European champion Federica Contardi (Tognazzi Marine Village), Lorenzo Pezzilli (CV Ravennate) and Lisa Vucetti (SV Barcola Grignano), followed by the coach Marcello Meringolo beat France, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, one defeat for the “Azzurrini! against Great Britain, but nothing is decided yet.

The appointment is therefore scheduled for tomorrow at 9.30 am for the briefing and then drops into the water for the second day of racing, again three days before assigning the continental title to Optimist teams.

Italians got the European Youth Match Race title

There was few wind on Saturday in Valle di Ledro, but despite this, the EUROSAF YOUTH MATCH RACE EUROPEANS program was concluded.

Rocco Attili with Ludovico Mori and Giulio Tamburini, faced the finals by appearing first and held up against the outgoing European champions the French with Aurelien Pierroz, Lucas Peuziat and Theau Guilcher.
With a score of 3 to 2, the Italians climb the highest step of the podium second step goes to the European champions 2018, Aurelien Pierroz’s French team.
The English have to settle for third place with Matt Whitfield, Ted and David Blowers who had appeared on the starting line as the favorites being 20 in world rankings and having won the first round robin with 0 defeats, the Danes of Emil Kjaer, Basti Sorensen and Nicolai Bækgaard got the fourth place.

So much the satisfaction of the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro that has been hosting international regattas for three weeks, only fifteen days ago the women’s continental match race title was awarded on Lake Ledro, last week the prestigious OM INTERNATIONAL LEDRO MATCH RACE trophy and Saturday the youth continental match race title.

The words of President Camilla Baruzzi: “first of all, thanks go to my team, which has proved to be of unquestionable professionalism and it was exciting to see how young sailors proved to be mature and tireless, collaborating with the Club’s veterans, this is the real luck of our Association, to be able to count on the voluntary work of the members of the Club who are invaluable during these events, giving great prominence to the Association and the Valle di Ledro but they are also very tiring.
The Race Committee and the International Jury carried out an impeccable job completing all the scheduled matches, the sailors proved to be serious and prepared despite their young age.
Once the regattas have been archived it is time to think about the Sailing School, in fact the boys will start sailing courses on Monday, a precious opportunity to introduce our sport to youngs “

OM INTERNATIONAL LEDRO MATRCH RACE – New Zeland’s Team is the winner

A fantastic panorama of the Valle di Ledro on Sunday was the setting for the last day of the 10th edition of OM INTERNATIONAL LEDRO MATCH RACE gr.2.

All the matches fought until the finish line, intense the races that have put a strain on both the competitors and the Jury, led by the Chief Umpire Bruce Hebbert, as well as by the Race Committee, chaired by Fabio Barrasso.

In the end the victory went to the New Zealand Knot Racing with Nick Egnot Johnson at the helm, Sam Barnett to the sheets and Zak Merton in the bow, second the favorites, and winners of the last edition, the Estonians of EESTI MATCH RACE LIAT by Mati Sepp , Karl Kolk and Karl Hannestagv ..

For the third and fourth place, the Slovenians of LUMBA Match Race Team with Dejan Presen, Miha Truden and Jure Jerkovick met the Polish HRM Racing Team of Lukasz Wosinski, Igor Tarasiuk and Marcin Banaszak.
The best were the Polish who beat the Slovenians who were among the favorites 2-0, as well as for the world ranking also because it is the tenth consecutive year that they participate in the events organized by the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro.

Once this regatta is over, the president Camilla Baruzzi and her team have only two days of rest and then put back into action the whole organizational machine that will see them engaged in the last match race regatta that will start on Wednesday, the European Youth Championship.

Great satisfaction of the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro that among the few Club in Italy to organize these types of regattas and is the only one in Trentino.


Nick Egnot – Johnson (NZL)
Mati Sepp (EST)
Lukasz Wosinski (POL)
Dejan Presen (SLO)
Aurelien Pierroz (FRA)
James Pinder (GBR)
Rocco Attili (ITA)
Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS)
Kim Kling (SWE)
Piotr Harasimowicz (POL)
Maria Ramires (POR)