Poland is leading the second stage, tomorrow last races

A complicated day on Lake Ledro, where the unexpected withdrawal of the breeze prevented the completion of the races valid for League C, the Round Robin that is involving the eight teams qualified for the Gold Fleet, used to define the draw of the semifinals and the places from the fifth to the eighth.

With eight matches still to be held, the group is led by Poland, capable of winning four of the five duels in which it has been engaged, including those at the top against Italy and Spain. Successes that have projected the Polish team to the top of the provisional ranking, with 18 points, deriving from the sum of the results of the Round Robin which opened the event organized by the Vela Lago di Ledro Association and in the aforementioned League C.

The Italian team went through a not so easy day: after the success with Germany and Croatia was beaten by Poland, Turkey and Greece: a roadmap that cost the advantage obtained by winning the Round Robin and the consequent sliding to third place of the provisional standings, albeit on the equal – 16 points – with Turkey, currently second thanks to the victory obtained in the direct match.

To occupy the fourth place of the ranking, the last valid to conquer a place in the semifinals, it is Spain who, thanks to its 14 points, is called to defend 1.5 lengths of advantage over Greece.

At the same time, part of the races valid for the League D took place, that is for the Silver Fleet which aim to define the positions between the eighth and the sixteenth and where to indicate the way, at the moment, are Switzerland and Israel.

Supported by the Cassa Rurale del Ledro, the Optimist European Team Racing Championship will end tomorrow in the face of particularly heavy weather conditions. The Race Committee is hoping for a manageable situation to complete League C and League D and then proceed to the semi-finals and finals.

However, it should be emphasized that to make the second part of the event valid and assign the continental title, taking into account today’s results, it will be at least essential to complete the flights of the two Leagues. If the weather conditions make it impossible to dispute the remaining tests, the title will be awarded on the basis of the Italian round that opened the event and which, for the record, was won by Italy.

Results League C

Results League D

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Lago di Ledro – The favorable weather conditions allowed the completion of the qualifying round of the Optimist European Team Racing Championship, an event organized by the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro. An important step, because the ranking gained at the end of the Round Robin will count as the final ranking if external factors – such as the vagaries of the weather – were to prevent the completion of the final stages of the event.
To conquer the Round Robin, with a partial of thirteen wins and two defeats, was Italy (Emilia Salvatore, Enrico Coslovich, Aurora Ambroz and Leandro Scialpi) who anticipated Poland by one point, already in evidence during the opening day, and Spain which is called to defend the title won last year.
A slight decline, on the other hand, for Turkey which, first at the end of the opening day, struggled to confirm itself on the same levels and finished the Round Robin in fourth place, contrasting ten wins to five defeats.
In addition to the aforementioned teams, Germany, Greece, Croatia and France also obtained the qualification for the Gold Fleet while in the Silver Fleet, therefore out of the games valid for overall success, Croatia, France, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Great Britain.
Taking advantage of the last puffs of a now dying breeze, the Race Committee chaired by Fabio Barrasso has completed the first flights valid for the League C, or the Round Robin that engages the teams entered in the Gold Fleet for the purpose of the four semifinalists. The first partials rewarded the Polish and German sailors, skilled in winning both regattas in which they were protagonists, while Italy, Spain, Turkey and Croatia ended the day with a score of one victory and one defeat.
Supported by the Cassa Rurale del Ledro, the Optimist European Team Racing Championship will resume tomorrow morning at 10.30 with the aim of defining the semi-final draw while teams from 5 to 16 will race in 3 different round robins, useful for defining the positions including fifth and sixteenth.

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Results Stage 1

Provisional Results Stage 2


On Day 1 Team Turkey show the way but Italy and Poland are really close

Ledro Lake, 24th August 2022 –
The first day valid for the Optimist European Team Racing Championship, an event organized by Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro in collaboration with the Italian Sailing Federation and IODA (International Opti Dinghy Association), is just over. The sixteen teams present on the Ledro waters, for a total of sixty-four athletes, were engaged in more than sixty-five matches. An almost frenzied pace, made possible on the one hand by the favorable weather conditions, and on the other by the excellent work done by the Race Committee, coordinated by an always attentive Fabio Barrasso.
Team Turkey, which won all seven matches sailed, is the first hour leader with a 100% score. In the provisional ranking the Turkish representative is followed by Italy and Poland, paired thanks to a score of eight victories and one defeat. Italy was beaten just by Team Nederlands, while the Polush gave way to the Italian team who count on the reigning European champion Emilia Salvatore, Enrico Coslovich, Aurora Ambroz and Leandro Scialpi.
It was an excellent day of sailing, well interpreted by the guys who, despite the long hours spent in the water, managed to keep their concentration high and to collect important points in view of the continuation of this long and articulated event” explained the Italian team principal, Maurizio Scrazzolo.
Rounding out the top five are Germany, fourth with six wins, and the pair made by Spain, favorite of the day before as defending champion, and Greece, which have collected five victories.
Supported by Cassa Rurale del Ledro, the Optimist European Team Racing Championship will resume tomorrow morning at 10.30 with the declared goal of completing the qualifying round by heading the remaining fifty-eight matches.


Even during the final day of the OM International Ledro Match Race, valid for the World Match Racing Tour, the weather did not betray expectations: the Ora, although weaker and unstable than Friday and Saturday, allowed the Race Committee chaired by Fabio Barrasso to complete the program set by the Notice of Race.
The winner was the French skipper Damian Michelier (with him Thomas Galliache and Hugo Roche) who, having beaten a comeback James Pinder (Arthur henderson and Jamie Webb) in the semifinal (3-2), struggled less than expected to regulate a combative Will Boulden (Nicholas Conor and Mashlan Connor), who reached the final yesterday evening thanks to the success obtained on the Polish Igor Tarasiuk (Krzysztof Mazecki and Rafal Kuszka), who nevertheless had the satisfaction of getting on the third step of the podium thanks to the success he had on Pinder in the little final.
In the meantime, through a series of direct matches, the lower part of the ranking had been defined, with Rocco Attili (with him Ludovico Mori and Giulio Tamburini) ending fifth in front of Dave Hood, Mati Sepp, finished off the podium after be on it during the last three editions, Riccardo Sepe (Gianluca Perasole and Simone Tagliatela), Meghan Thomson, Jon Eriksson, Celia Willison and Jean Baptiste Bernaz.
“Il Ledro did not disappoint expectations and the same can be said of the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro: if in the first case we can say we are lucky, in the second we must be proud of the effort made during this weekend – commented Camilla Baruzzi, president of the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro, who then added – Heartfelt


to Damian Michelier and his crew and thanks to the Race Officials who have allowed a fast and regular event. The appointment with the match race is for 2023, while now we are starting to work on the Ledro Snipe-Trofeo Renzo Gnuffi event, scheduled between 23 and 24 July, so it will be time for the European Team Race Optimist Championship, scheduled between 23 and 28 August “.


The Ora was blowing on the Ledro Lake for almost all the day, permitting to the Race Committee of the OM International Ledro Match Race to complete the Round Robin and starting the semifinals, the first of which was resolved with Will Boulden’s win for three to zero on the Polish Igor Tarasiuk while the second stopped for the sudden lack of wind at two to one for Damian Michelier on James Pinder.
Before reaching the semifinals, which turned out to be fought far beyond what the partials tell, all the skippers engaged in this Grade 2 organized by the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro and valid for the ranking of the World Match Racing Tour, had finished competing in the Round Robin, who ended with the aforementioned Tarasiuk and Pinder at the top of the ranking thanks to a score of 81.8% (9 wins out of 11). They were followed by three helmsmen, all attesting to 72.7% (8 out of 11): Michelier and Boulden were in fact along with the American Dave Hood, eliminated following the confrontation of the direct regattas.
Looking at the Italian skippers, Rocco Attili finished the Round Robin in seventh position, on equal points (6-11, 54.5%) with the Estonian Mati Sepp, who finished on the podium of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions, or the last ones helded before the stop due to the pandemic. Behind Attili was Riccardo Sepe (5-11, 45.5%).
The OM International Ledro Match Race will end tomorrow: the day will open with the completion of the semifinal matches, which will be followed by the regattas useful to determine the second part of the ranking, the final valid for the third and fourth place and the decisive one to assign the success.

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At the end of the first day of racing valid for the OM International Ledro Match Race, an event included in the World Match Racing Tour calendar, the British sailor James Pinder leads the Round Robin ranking.
The British helmsman has won all seven matches sailed and with a score equal to 100% he looks down on Italian Rocco Attili, winner of six duels out of seven (85.7%), the Polish sailor Igor Tarasiuk, winner in five of the six matches in which he was involved (83.3%) and the American Dave Hood who, with five wins out of eight (62.5%), occupies the provisional fourth place.
Forty matches were completed thanks to the tireless work of volunteers and Race Officials who, led by the President of the Race Committee Fabio Barrasso, managed to complete the daily program in just over five hours: thanks to the presence of an Ora which blew between 7 and 12 knots, proving to be quite stable in direction throughout the day.
“I was afraid that restarting the organizational machine after two years of inactivity due to the pandemic would have been more difficult, however, having solved some small technical problems, the day went smoothly and with many races completed: a small masterpiece of which I must to give credit to the working group of the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro and to the Race Officials, as well as to the favorable weather conditions, which turned out to be better than forecasts ”commented a satisfied Camilla Baruzzi, president of the ssociazione Vela Lago di Ledro.
The OM International Ledro Match Race will resume tomorrow morning: the Race Committee plans to complete the Round Robin and thus define the names of the qualifiers for the final phase of this Grade 2 valid for the World Match Racing Tour ranking. he event will end on Sunday with the dispute of the semifinals and finals.

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Dear Sailor Friends,


💥we are ready, we are excited, we can’t wait to start this season.


Match Racing has been always our passion, and we are super happy to announce that we are going to host





If you are interest please contact us by email at regate@avll.it

Hope to see you soon!!



Spain on the roof of Europe at Optimist European Team Championship on Lake Ledro, second place for the Italians and third for the Russians.

Four beautiful days on Lake Ledro, lots of wind changes, the weather forecasts worried everyone but not the fifteen teams who, proud of being able to represent their country, never got discouraged.

After the first races of the League Gold, Spain was the favorite, followed by the Italians, second in the first Round Robin.

Spain won also the next stage, followed by Russia, Italy and Croatia.

The Semifinals saw Italy sail vs with Russia, while Spain with Croatia, with a score of 2-0 Italy and Spain enter the Grand Finals while Russia and Croatia had to settle for the petite final.

Spain, which presented the European Champion Xavier Garcia Olle, Juan Benasar, Carlota Rodriguez Calvet and Sussan Bestard Mir on the starting line, prevailed, with a score of 2-1, on the Italians who still led an excellent Championship under the careful guide of Mercello Meringolo.

Third step of the podium went to the Russians who beat the Croats 2-0.

The Italian team made up of Niccolò Pulito (Tognazzi Marine Village) individual European vice champion, Giuseppe Montesano (Sirena CN Triestino), the bronze medalist at the individual European championship Sofia Bommartini (FV Malcesine) and Emilia Salvatore (FV Desenzano) has always raced in excellent way, a growing championship that gives good signs for the future, remains a bit of bitterness for not having continued the tradition of the continental title (the Italian team won the title in 2018 and 2019 ed) and certainly Norberto Foletti, secretary of the National Optimist Class that has recently left us,  will surely have rejoiced at the results of his boys, despite the lack of victory missed by a whisker.

A season that is coming to an end for the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro, much satisfaction for the President Camilla Baruzzi who with her team saw two continental titles awarded on Lake Ledro during the summer and a national title in the Snipe class , it is already time to think about 2022 which will be full of events and activities.

To all partecipants at Italian Master Snipe Championship

Dear Snipe Friens,

preparations are underway to welcome you to the beautiful Valle di Ledro, below you will find some useful notes to help us carry out the event in the best possible way.

There are many of you, we did not think you were so numerous, and we are delighted but we ask you the courtesy to respect a few  rules.

On Friday at the club there will be the ordinary sailing school activity so the space will be occupied by the numerous children enrolled in the courses, if you arrive during the day we ask you for a little patience and to immediately bring the trailers to the parking (find the indication on the file below) ..

We know that the main reason for all this turnout is the renowned POTATO POLENTA on Saturday evening, we will try not to disappoint you, so we ask you to inform us before any guests unless you want to stay without and give it to them !!

As for the Official Notice Board it will be online, find the link and the QR code and stay updated !!

For those who have not already done so, we remind you to send: Measurement Certificate, Class Registration and Insurance to the Regatta Secretary regate@avll.it

Looking forward to see you soon!!

indications for parking: PARCHEGGIO

Dinner: cena


Everything is ready for Snipe Italian Master – Franz Joseph cup

Fervono i preparativi per il campionato italiano master della Classe Snipe, valevole anche come tappa della prestigiosa coppa Franz Joseph, in programma il prossimo 31 luglio – 1 agosto sul lago di Ledro. Più di 40 iscritti tra i quali i neocampioni italiani Paolino Lambertenghi e Antonia Contin. Hanno già confermato la loro partecipazione due equipaggi croati, uno belga ed un francese. L’Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro, presieduta dall’instancabile Camilla Baruzzi, è già all’opera per organizzare al meglio la manifestazione. La giovane presidente può contare su un team di giovani e non più giovani soci impegnati nei diversi settori: dalla cucina per la cena offerta ai regatanti, all’assistenza in acqua e a terra, alle foto. Quest’anno, inoltre, la premiazione sarà particolarmente ricca di prodotti locali grazie al contributo degli sponsor Agri2000, Cesarini Sforza, Cavit, Luigi Zanini, Melinda e Agri90.

Come lo scorso anno, la regata di Ledro sarà probabilmente la regata snipe col maggior numero di partecipanti in Italia soprattutto grazie al clima amichevole e gioioso che si respira al circolo velico di Ledro oltre ovviamente a tutto quello che di meraviglioso può offrire questa località. Il vento solitamente “ballerino” ma non troppo forte come sull’alto Garda permette anche agli equipaggi non più giovani e atletici di essere competitivi. Sabato 31 luglio e domenica 1 agosto il lago di Ledro si riempirà quindi di vele bianche promettendo di offrire uno spettacolo unico.


Al link potrete scaricare le fotografie: https://we.tl/t-9BtNZzorin