Unlike the other two days in which the Valle di Ledro presented itself in the best of its scenarios, on Sunday there was very little wind, but despite this, the EUROSAF YOUTH MATCH RACE EUROPEANS program was completed.


Three round robins concluded on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday’s program was to let the crews classified from 5th to 3rd place and the finals for first and second place.


The French team of Thimote Polet, Emilien Polaert and Gualtier Tallieu fight the finals by presenting themselves first and held up to the Italians with Riccardo Sepe, Gianluca Perasole and Simone Taglialatela.

With a score of 3 to 2 the French climb to the top step of the podium, awarded as European Youth Match Race Champions, the Italian team of Riccardo Sepe must settle for second place.


The best for third place went to the other French crew of Tom Foucher, Edouard Champault and Gwen Guenin

The other Italian crew of Ludovico Mori, Gabriele Romeo and Paolo Iacchia have to settle for fourth place.


Great satisfaction to have restarted with international regattas, despite the period we can see a glimmer of “normality”.


The words of the President Camilla Baruzzi: “First of all, thanks go to my team, which proved to be of indisputable professionalism and it was exciting to see how young sailors proved mature and tireless collaborating with the veterans of the Club, this is real luck of our Association, to be able to count on the voluntary service of the Club members who invaluable help during these events, giving great prominence to the Association and the Ledro Valley but are also very tiring.


The Race Committee and the International Jury did an impeccable job by completing all the scheduled matches, the sailors proved to be serious and prepared despite their young age.


Once the regattas have been archived, it’s time to think about the Sailing School.

On Monday, in fact, the kids will start sailing courses, a precious opportunity to introduce our sport to young Ledrense tourists who are guests in the Valley in the summer. The international regattas will return to Lake Ledro in August while in July the Ledro Valley will be the setting for the Italian Master Snipe Championship “