To all partecipants at Italian Master Snipe Championship

Dear Snipe Friens,

preparations are underway to welcome you to the beautiful Valle di Ledro, below you will find some useful notes to help us carry out the event in the best possible way.

There are many of you, we did not think you were so numerous, and we are delighted but we ask you the courtesy to respect a few  rules.

On Friday at the club there will be the ordinary sailing school activity so the space will be occupied by the numerous children enrolled in the courses, if you arrive during the day we ask you for a little patience and to immediately bring the trailers to the parking (find the indication on the file below) ..

We know that the main reason for all this turnout is the renowned POTATO POLENTA on Saturday evening, we will try not to disappoint you, so we ask you to inform us before any guests unless you want to stay without and give it to them !!

As for the Official Notice Board it will be online, find the link and the QR code and stay updated !!

For those who have not already done so, we remind you to send: Measurement Certificate, Class Registration and Insurance to the Regatta Secretary

Looking forward to see you soon!!

indications for parking: PARCHEGGIO

Dinner: cena


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