O.M. Match Race Gr. 2 – DAY 1

This morning, after the skippers’s meeting, the twelve teams started the operations on the water; it was possible to complete 37 matches of the round robin. After these matches the team of Mati Sepp (from Estonia) is leading the league, before the team of Dejan Presen, Slovenia, the winner of OM INTERNATIONAL 2015 that is preceding the Finnish Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi. Forth the Polish team with Marek Stanczyk as skipper that will try to get on the podium as last year. Following the Swiss team of Nelson Mettraux, that will be again AVLL’s guest for the “Eurosaf University European Youth Championship Match Race” as coach of the Swiss team. Sixth, sharing the same position with Australian Will Boulden, that , as well will be at next week event as sailor, Swiss Doré De Morsier.
Follows the Slovinian Bojan Rajar, and that, separated by few points, the joung team of Swedish Victor Abenius. Victor will be, as well, a competior next week. Same point for the team of Mathias Rebholz, Germany. The scoring is completed by the two French team of Helene Urrutti, with an international female team, and Sylvain Escurat.
The next skipper’s meeting is booked al 9 o’clock.

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