It ended yesterday the “Ledro Snipe” regatta, organized by the Associazione Vela Lago di Ledro, valid for the Zonal Snipe Championship of the XIV zona FIV and the Trophy of Duca di Genova. The breeze of Lake Ledro accompanied by a warm sun allowed the sailors to compete in five races. Winner of the Ledro Snipe are Andrea Piazza and Marta Pendesini (AVLL), followed by another dell’AVLL crew, Alberto Schiaffino and Raffaella Cazzaniga, third place for Silvano Zuanelli and Floriana Turning (Associazione Velica Trentina). Among the youngest the podium is made up of all boys of AVLL, gold for Boccagni Alessandro and Francesco Rampazzo, followed by Samuel Trentini and Pietro Filippi and Giorgia Lo Re and Francesco Antonioni, won the title of Junior Female AVLL’s girls Cecilia Foletto and Nicole Stefani.

During the prize giving ceremony, in the presence of their families, took place a moment of memory of Renzo Gnuffi and Gustavo Filippi, a volunteer died prematurely last week. The family of Renzo, who died last year at the helm of his Snipe Starlight, has decided not to award the trophy Renzo Gnuffi.




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